Safe Environments & Community Engagement

Environmental Justice Initiative

Through civic engagement, MPNA GREEN empowers residents to advocate for safe and clean spaces. MPNA recruited two resident groups (youth and adults) from South East Santa Ana and created Communidad Unidad Aire Limpio (CUAL) which meets twice a month to educate and advocate about environmental justice and clean and safe environments. MPNA abides by the following California State laws (AB 617, SB 1000, AB 673) to improve the quality of life in Madison Park Neighborhood and the city at large.

  • AB 617 is a California Law designed to minimize community pollution levels. It requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to implement a statewide plan to reduce air pollutions and establish air quality monitoring in communities most impacted by air pollution. Many communities in Santa Ana impacted by high levels of air pollution and other pollutants.
  • SB 1000 is a California law that focuses on disadvantaged communities that are affected by disproportionate contaminants of pollution. In 2014, Santa Ana adopted a five-year Strategic Plan requiring the city to comprehensively update its General Plan.
  • AB 673 is a California law that requires the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to establish or update criteria for issuing, suspending, or denying permits for hazardous waste facilities. In addition to altering permit criteria for already –existing hazardous waste facilities, DTSC’s new permitting process may impact the ability of new facilities to obtain permits to operate in Santa Ana, especially in the areas most heavily burdened by toxic air contaminants and air pollutants.



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